Future Plans and Projects

A) A Celebration of Christmas in Lights, a Nighttime Lighting of Palestine Gardens:
To involve Christians in ministry work to serve the lost and encourage fellow believers. To share in greater depth to the community and potentially a fifty mile radius or greater the real meaning of Christmas. The celebration of Christmas is the celebration of life through the redemptive work of Christ.

B) Photos on Tiles to depict the real Holy Land, the valleys, mountains and geographically the cities', their ruins, archeological excavations and old photos which include the culture during the times of Christ.


Placing pictures on tiles is a process called sublimation (inks turn into a gas using heat and pressure) to transfer inks to a various substrates. If you are not familiar with this process here is a short synopsis. Preliminary information gather does appear it is best for mugs and tiles to use Epson ink jet printers and ArTainium UV+ inks. The tiles/mugs must have a polyester coating to absorb and obtain the photographic permanence. I found some reference that Armour coated tiles are superior to other brands (that's assuming Armour is a mfr. brand name).I would need some UV protection and weather proofing and not sure if it is a characteristic of the glazing of the tile and/or it is in UV + of the ArTainium inks only.

C) We need better signs and now with a better access road, a sign to go there.
Photos tiles
of the pyramids & Sphinx
to complete
this Egyptian sign
Additional and more detailed information will be posted in the future, however if any of these summary projects interest you and you want to be a part of this ministry, please give the Director a call.
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